Thursday, May 28, 2009

Viva Vienna

We attended "Viva Vienna" on Sunday and had a good time, except for at the very end. The fair was great, lots of vendors, good carnival food, rides for kids and adults and some music.

We saw one of Kate's online friends there, she was a vendor that sells funny t-shirts with stuff like "Mommy Needs a Cocktail" or a kids shirt that says "Random Acts of Destruction". Very cute stuff. She also has a blog (, so go check it out and get a taste of her writing skill. She is a hoot.

We got a few shirts, I got the "Daddy Needs a Beer" and wore it today since I worked half the day from home. I went out twice, once to drop Jack off at daycare in the AM and once at lunch. I got four comments about the shirt, so you know its funny! Thanks Kristen!

Yes, a few seconds after this shot, a big glob of ice cream found its way onto my head. Such is the risk of having someone eat above you who is still learning how to use a spoon.

We discovered a pizza place that is tucked away off the main drag in Vienna and we will definitely be going back for some of that pizza. When you find a decent New York style pizza, you go back. (Its like Victors Pizza, Mom - Remember them?)

We let Jack go on a few rides like the train ride (he bailed at the last second), which was a surprise since he loooooves trains. He wanted to go on the big slide, so we did that, but as soon as we got to the bottom, he said he didn't want to do it again. We had some great homemade ice cream, too.

Anyway, Jack was a little tired from all that walking, so I put him up on my shoulders for some time when he would ask. It was getting late so we decided to leave. On teh way back to the car I turned my ankle on a rut in the asphalt and had to take the full brunt of falling on my knee, since Jack was still on my back. I fell forward, but pushed him so he would land on my back instead of falling off and possibly hitting his head and used my hand to stop my face from hitting the ground. Kate nearly had a heart-attack. Jack was crying and I was in some serious pain for a minute.

Jack was fine and landed just as I had wanted him to, onto my back. I thought I had broken my ankle, but it was just a sprain. My knee had a huge scrape on it and was bleeding a good amount. I limped back to the car a few hundred feet away.

Got home and cleaned up my knee. My ankle swelled up like I had a golfball implanted and stiffened up. I took two Advils and the next day it was only stiff in the morning. I kept it loose all day, I still feel it, but its much better.

Besidse the ankle sprain and close call of dropping Jack, it WAS a good time. We plan on going to Viva Vienna again, but next time I will be very wary of that spot when I go by it again.

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