Sunday, August 26, 2007

Redskins Preseason Game

Jim invited me to go to the preseason game last night at FedEx against the Baltimore Ravens. Of course, the were "Baltimorons" in abundance, these fellows are usually big drinkers, obnoxious, loud and generally asshats. When the National Anthem is played, they yell "Ooooos!" (in honor of the Baltimore Orioles) when it goes ...Oh, say does that star spangled banner yet waive..., but I think that is pretty tasteless.

We took the metro all the way out the blue line that drops you about a mile from FedEx Field and walked the rest of the way in. After we arrived, we had some lightning in the area so they delayed the start of the game for an hour. We hunkered down under the walkways with about a thousand of our best friends and watched the light show. We had two really close lightning strikes (within 50 yards) and another 200 or so that were just as spectacular, but much farther away. The front that came through was very unusual because it stayed around for such a long time, almost the whole time we were under the walkway, there was lightning. Also being up about 80 feet in the air helped having a great view.

We went back to our seats and they started the game, got in a full half and started the third quarter, but then more rain and lightning came in and they stopped the game, after an hour, they called it (11:45 pm). I bought two Redskins hats at one of the concession stands for me and Jim and was surprised that they were each only $10. Usually Dan Snyder is known for really sticking it to the fans as far as prices, but this was a pleasant surprise.

They looked OK, the defense looked like it could handle the Ravens high power Offense. The Ravens were very sloppy, though, 7 penalties in the first half. Our backup QB looks like it will be Collins and he was sharp for a guy who has had limited experience. Campbell will probably be back next week to get some reps for the last preseason game. Go Skins - I am hopeful because its the beginning of the season and we have a fresh start with a new QB.

When the game was called, the Skins were ahead, so I guess it goes into the books as a win, its preseason, so its doesn't matter, but its a win nonetheless.

I got home at about 2:15am and went right to sleep.

I took a few pictures on my camera phone of where we were sitting, so I will try to stitch those together as one picture and post that as one panoramic picture, if I can.


Jack's language skills are coming along. I took this one Sunday afternoon while he was playing and he started to say "Wow", and then kept saying it. This video is cool cause at the end he says "Bye, Bye."

I must have spent an hour trying to get him to say "hi" and he would say it, but when I turned the camera on, he wasn't interested, I think he is sly and likes to watch Daddy get flustered.

Anyway, watch the video.

Snack Time

Yesterday while we were having a snack, I turned the camera on and took a quick little movie of Jack eating his favorite snack, puffs. I wish they made the same things for adults, a low salt version that isn't oversaturated with spices.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woke Up Early

Jack awoke very early the other day, so since he wouldn't go back to sleep, we stayed up and played in the living room. I got bored just watching him, so I snapped a few pics. He looked so cute in his Lizard Jammies.


This is a cool effect that I think I have posted before, but with a different image of jack.

Thank You for the Redskins Toy

Thanks for the Redskins Toy, Mom!

Jack picks it up and will hold it, swinging it around.

Ellie Visits

We went over to the Fritz's early on Sunday because Abbie and Ellie came up for a short visit. Ellie was soooo cute and paid a lot of attention to Jack and was very social. She displayed a lot of smiles this time and shared her toys with everyone.

Jack was a little tired when we got there, so he slept for a few minutes in grandfather tim's arms while Ellie sat and kept them both company.

Sara, (Andy's GF) joined us and Ellie took an instant liking to her, giving her a dolly and later on, a book. Jack was too busy paying attention to everyone else to notice Sara this time - I guess she blended in like family already.

Fox Update

I was outside Saturday (tearing down the old shed) when I see the fox cross the front yard in the middle of the day. I ran back in so I could get a pic of this little rascal and when I came back he/she was next door, so I walked over and snapped a shot of him/her.

It looked back at me and went into the neighbors back yard, hopped over a fence and was gone again, as quickly as it appeared.

I think I will name it "Red".

Monday, August 13, 2007

Other Oddities

Passing a small gallery, these two little gems caught my eye, situated next to eachother, they look like something from Aardman Studios. (Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit, etc)

Weird Sign

Walking back to the car and passed this odd sign:
"Independent Order of Odd Fellows Temple"

The building looked to be like any regular office building that might house a small law office or other business. Only in DC.

I will do some research and see what I can find out about this secret society.


He's out of the sink and now in the tub.

Lots more room to splash and slide around!

National Botanical Gardens

On Sunday we went into DC and played tourist. We visited the Capitol, The National Botanical Gardens and walked along the Mall and Pennsylvania Avenue.

It has been a few years since we last visited the gardens. If you ever get a chance, stop in and spend an hour or two, its air conditioned and has an amazing amount of florfa and fauna to peruse.

Now for the pictures:

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Just got off the phone with my father and wanted to pass along a big Happy Birthday from all of us! We Love You!

Johnny, Kate and Jack

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let Preseason Begin

For better or worse, the preseason for the Redskins has begun. We decided to get Jack a new jersey for the occasion - Cooley #47. I already have my jersey that Kate got me last year, so I am good to go.

We both donned our "uniforms" for the game tonight against the Titans. I am watching it now and although they looked offensively sluggish, they managed to eek out a win against the Younge-less Titans.

Anyway, we snapped a few pics of the boy in his new jersey (New Jersey?).

A Day at the Park

We went to Fairchester Park this afternoon since it was such a beautiful day. This last week was horrid, we broke a record on Thursday with a 103 degrees. It was humid on top of that. So we didn't get a chance to get out and enjoy our summer.

Jack liked the swing alot, we liked it because it was one of those that he sits safely inside of so he doesn't have to hold on.

He also enjoyed being on the airplane ride and climbing. Kate and I did some swinging as Jack walked around and explored a bit.