Saturday, August 11, 2007

That Ain't No Dog

I left for work on Wednesday morning, a regular morning. Strap Jack in tight, kiss the wife goodbye and back out of the driveway. I get about to the stop sign and see a small dog cross the street, but something was a bit different, this was a funny looking dog.

I get a little closer and realize that its not a dog at all, its a fox. About the same time I spot him/her, the garbage guys spot it, too. The fox walks at a brisk pace, but not a trot or a run. He gets to the edge of a neighbors house and turns, goes back the other way, because the one of the garbage trucks guys has a pitchfork, just in case.

The fox walked away fine, but before I passed it and went on my way, I snapped a picture of it with my phone camera (the resolution sucks), but you get the idea.

This sighting is not a big deal for you, Mom and Dad, but up here, this is significant. Can you imagine this little guy/gal scratching-out a living surrounded on three sides by 66 (6-8 lanes), Chain Bridge Road (4 lanes) and Rt. 50 (another four lanes+)?

I remember my Mom saying that about 20 years back, we had some fox living under the garage at our home, but that was a little farther out and West Springfield wasn't as nearly developed as Fairfax City is today.

I also checked the net and there aren't any postings for rabid animals around. Maybe with the drought, he was just looking farther than he usually would for some lunch or a drink (in the day, no less).

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