Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visiting With Family

We actually started going out again after a month or two and saw family to catch up and show off Emma. We would stop by The O'Briens and the Fritzs so they could see our bundle of joy. Jack needed to see the family, too!

Grandad Fritz and Emma.

Jack, Grandma Fritz and Emma.

Jim and Reet with Emma.

Jim, Emma and GG.

Nationals Game

Here is the video I got of that moment, wow, was it exciting. I showed it to Jack and he laughs at how excited I was!

Nats Game

Kate and I were invited to a Nationals game against the Phillies back on August 20. It was one of the best experiences of being at a sporting event I have ever been, besides my first Redskins game at RFK with my Dad when I was a kid.

There was a rain delay for the game but they started late by about two hours. It was fascinating to see the ground crew do their work and roll up the tarp and squeegee away the rain onto the shallow outfield, where there are hidden drains.

We were in a suite that our hosts (Tom and Catherine) had bought in a fund-raiser, so it was catered with all kinds of food, sweets and beer/wine. They really went first class for the whole thing. I kept thinking, "So this is what its like to be rich."

The game wasn't notable until the late innings when the Nats made a run at the lead. It came down to the bottom of the ninth inning, two outs, bases loaded, full count of 3 balls and 2 strikes. Zimmerman hit a walk-off grand-slam home run to win it! It was intense! What. A. Game. That one will go down as really creating an impression on me as far as sporting event trifecta; Great Food, Great Company and a Great Game.

The whole reason we were invited was because I had redone a logo for the Dulles Area Democrats so that it was more "social-media friendly" (circular instead of wide). The logo wasn't even my idea, I just redid it so that it worked better for their specific use. Boy do I love those Democrats, they are very charitable and giving people!

Nationals Park and the big tarp.


I tweeted this picture out a few months ago but I didn't blog it. She fell asleep in my arms and I snapped this pic because I couldn't do anything else at the time but hold her. She is soooo cute!

Guitar Star Shirt and Our Online Store

We have also been busy putting some energy into Hero Dog Design the last few months as well as raising a new baby and kindergartner. We redid the web site and Kate made a nice online store so I can sell my shirts and stickers. If you have a request, I can do those too. Visit and let us know what you think. Hero Dog Design

Ellie wearing my "Guitar Star" shirt I made for her. You can buy one for yourself at our online store HERE.

Cousins Visit

Abbie and Emma. Abbie felt great after recovering fully from her surgery for a disc in her neck that had disintegrated so they fused two of her neck bones together. They went in through the front of her neck so you can see the scar it left but its healing up great. She can feel he arm now, too!

The Three Amigos (Jack, Ellie and Nate)

The cousins came to visit back at the end of August. Lots of action, lots of fun, as usual.

All four of the kids together.

Doting Big Brother

Jack has really has taken the role of doting big brother for his sister. He loooooves her and will spontaneously giver her hugs and kisses. We were worried that he might have some jealousy (it happens sometimes) but he was really excited about having a little sister and likes playing the role of big brother.

A Night Out

On that rare night that we could go out, Kathleen babysat for us. Since one of our neighbors had recently gotten hitched (married), they had a reception after the fact at George Mason's new Conference Center, which is swanky. Swaaannkeee.

We got to dress up like adults and had some vino as well, just like real people who don't have small children.

Saint Kathleen

For the entire month of August, Kathleen (Kate's Mom) stayed with us and took care of Emma. My time off had expired if I didn't use it within 6 weeks of Emma being born so I had to use my vacation time. So this really, really helped us out knowing that she was here with someone who would take excellent care and also the savings for us monetarily.

It wasn't easy, I am sure, but Grandma was a trooper! We rewarded her by giving her Kate's iTouch, which is like an iPhone, but there is no phone. Jack showed her how to download Angry Birds and taught her how to play. I showed her how to take pictures with it, download her music and podcasts if she wants as well.

I think I converted her to Apple, at least for now.

Jack showing Grandma how to play Angry Birds.

It was a pleasure to have you here and thank you for taking care of Emma for us. Its hard for me to give props to my Mother-in-Law (or as I refer to her as "The Dark Side of The Force"), but it was great having you here and we had a great time. I never thought I would be happy to see my Mother-in-Law every day when I got home, but you won me over! Haha!

Saint Kathleen

Been Busy

So I am about to deluge the blog with posts that I should have been updating for the last four months. Mom and Dad called last night and asked if I would update it. Guilt works, it just takes a little longer!

Gratuitous pic of baby Emma (smiling).

There. Isn't that better? :)

End of Year Event at Daycare

So for the last big year-end event at Jack's daycare, we went to visit another Fairfax County Parks offering; the "Sprayground" at Lee District Rec Center. Its like a playground but has a bunch of water park things to play on. Water canons, fountains, sprays and troughs. Its basically meant for smaller kids and those that may be handicapped so thee is less chance of drowning. It just opened up over the summer through Fairfax County Park Authority.

We had lunch with his buds and classmates and I came along since most of the other kids had a parent along for the fun as well. It was a nice time and Jack had a good time.

All the kids at the Sprayground.

Jack and Ben on the bus ride over