Monday, March 31, 2008


I finished the art project that I was working on that used the Tootsie Pop wrappers and it turned out good, I think. Its about 28" tall and 20" wide. I used about 40 or 50 wrappers, all of them Cherry and Grape.

I call it, "Marilyn in Cherry and Grape":

I am going to do another one in about a week, so stay tuned. If you have any suggestions of personalities, send them along. Sorry, I don't think I will do Elvis.


So I got my new iPhone hooked-up. It took me a little time to get everything upgraded and updated, but I got it done and now it works great. This thin is awesome and I have started to stock it with images and music.

I put together a few movies that showcase my portfolio and have been taking pictures of Jack and Kate, too. There is an address book, notes and email client, but I have yet to get that to send email yet. But soon, yes, soon, I will, and then no one can stop me mhoo hoo hoo hoo haaaaaahhhhhh.....

Anyway, its cool.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Send Me Your Wrappers

I am working on a special Art project, so I am asking for tootsie pop wrappers. Any will do, although Orange, Red and Purple are preferred. So if you ever buy these, send me the wrappers instead of throwing them away and I will incorporate them into my Art project.

When I am finished, I will be sure to post it here.

Stuff them in an envelope and send it to me:

Johnny Goodyear
10838 Fairchester Drive
Fairfax, Virginia, 22030-4831

Thanks in advance - and keep checking back!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


"Cheesus" is the name given to a Cheeto that has been found by a youth minister in Houston that resembles Jesus.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. But when I read this I just laughed out loud at the term "Cheesus" ( A combination of the words Cheeto and Jesus).

Here's a link to the full story if you think I made this up:

And if you did think I made this up, then Cheesus help you.

Easter Dinner at the O'Briens

We went over to Jim and Reets for a big Easter dinner this afternoon and met up with the rest of the family. The O'Briens, The Witcheys, The Goodyears and the McDonalds.

I played with the kids in the back yard, as usual, and got a few pics of all the kids together. It was tough to get them all to stay still for anything more then five seconds. To do it at once was nearly impossible, but I think I got a good shot or two.

It was great to see everyone together and we all had a good time.

Happy Easter!

We had Grandma and Papu come over early this morning to participate in the big egg hunt. We got some of those little plastic eggs that you can put stuff inside and stuffed them with jelly beans.

I, err, I mean, the Easter Bunny hid them in the back yard so that Jack could go looking for them this morning.

Earlier, Papu and Grandma got Jack a mini red wagon, so we brought it out and instructed him to go find the eggs and put them in the wagon.

He walks out into the back yard and we explain the basics of finding the eggs and to put them in the wagon. He sees an egg, goes over and picks it up and proceeds to throw it as far as he can. The dog takes off after it.

Oh well, maybe he will "get it" next year.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Logo Was Picked!

So the people over at George Mason University that head up the Fall for the Book were looking for a new logo, since its been ten years since its inception and the current logo was a bit dated.

Since I work for the library that gives some graphics support for the festival, they asked us for a few examples for them to consider. I heard today that my logo was picked as the new look for the Fall for the Book Festival.

Check it out:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Easter Basket

Thanks Mom and Dad for the Easter Basket from Dean & Deluca!!!

We got it Wednesday and unwrapped it.

Jack and Joe

I snapped this one over at Joe and Lisa's before we went to the parade. I thought Jack had blues eyes, but Joe REALLY has blue eyes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We went into DC to see the parade on Sunday and met up with Lisa, Joe (Jr.) and Beckett. We were at the intersection of 12th and Constitution and watched the parade from there.

I was a little disappointed with the parade, it wasn't as good as the City of Fairfax's 4th of July parade and was much shorter, too. Jack and Joe didn't seem to mind, or notice and Beckett slept for about an hour. It was good because of the company that was with us.

There were a few weird people in the crowd near us. One lady had a thing about getting the candy that was tossed into the street from some of the parade participants. She would run out into the parade and grab any candy that didn't make it to the crowd. One time she took it just as some kid was reaching for the same piece. Didn't matter, that kid was not going to get that candy.

When we got back, Joe (Sr.) had gotten back from the Eastern Shore so we got to see him and spend a few minutes with Joe.

The Candy Lady

Monday, March 17, 2008

George Carlin is Hilarious

I got one of those little desktop calenders for Christmas this year. Since Kate knows that I like the comedy musings of George Carlin, she got me "An Orgy of George", which is like a joke-a-day from the comedy genius.

Some gems:

Popular Beliefs
The sky's the limit. Well, how can the sky be the limit? The sky never ends. What kind of limit is that? The earth is the limit. You dig a hole and what do you keep getting? More earth. The Earth's the limit.

Don't you think it's funny that all these tough-guy boxers are fighting over a purse?

Talk about wrong priorities. We live in a country that has a National Spelling Bee. We actually give prizes for spelling! But when's the last time you heard about a thinking bee? Or a reasoning bee? Maybe an ethics bee? Never.

They don't make 'em like they used to.
Actually they do make them like they used to, they just don't sell 'em anymore. They make 'em, and they keep 'em!

Let's all agree to end this nonsense about Groundhog Day. We're living in the digital age; we have nanotechnology; we can clone animals;we've been to the moon; doctors can transplant a complete set of heart and lungs at one time...and once a year we stop everything to find out whether some groundhog in Pennsylvania will see his shadow? So we'll know whether or not winter will last another six weeks? It's absurd. You say it's harmless fun and nobody really takes it seriously anyway? Well, if no one takes it seriously, that's all the more reason not to do it.

I have a serious suggestion that I think would help fight serious crime. Signs. There are lots of signs for minor infractions: No Smoking, Stay Off The Grass, Keep Out, and they seem to work fairly well. I think we should also have signs for major crimes: Murder Strictly Prohibited, No Raping People, Thank You For Not Kidnapping anyone. It's certainly worth a try.

Ignore these four words.

Near as I can tell, "Jack-Shit" and "Diddly-Squat" are roughly the same amount.

So get this calender if you an, it's a hoot-a-day. I bet if you found it at Borders or Calenders R Us, they would be on sale since its like, March.

Overheard at the 7-Eleven

I was at the 7-Eleven yesterday and two young guys behind me in line are talking about their high-caffeine drinks. One of them asks the other:

"So, whats better, Espresso or Caffeine?"

Made me wonder if too much caffeine makes you dumber.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alos Ameelo (Adios Amigo)

Eskimo Kisses

I am working on getting a new vid up that has the sound. Stay tuned.

I Did It!

Jack likes to exclaim, "I did it" when he does something lately. When he closes a door, when he put on his coat, when he turns the TV off, when he is changing the oil in my car - haha, that last one was just a joke.

A New Jacket (Thanks, Lynne!)

Jack got to wear a different jacket since the weather has warmed up a bit lately. He looks stylin' in it and likes to wear it alot. So thanks Lynne! (It was a Christmas present)

Dead Armadillo

Someone once said, in politics, that the only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead armadillos. I was thinking about that and did a few sketches based on that idea. Here's what I came up with:

Monday, March 3, 2008

Action Cam

Jack running and me with the "action Cam".

Fun at the Park

We went to the park because the weather was great, so we got to go on the slide and run around. I got a few movies of all the fun.

I ask him for a high five after he gets off the slide and then follow it up with a "gimme the rock", which is like a high five, but with a fist. He is now teaching the other kids in daycare about "the rock".

Hi Gramma and GG

A little movie with Jack being prompted to say hello to Gramma and GG.