Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We went into DC to see the parade on Sunday and met up with Lisa, Joe (Jr.) and Beckett. We were at the intersection of 12th and Constitution and watched the parade from there.

I was a little disappointed with the parade, it wasn't as good as the City of Fairfax's 4th of July parade and was much shorter, too. Jack and Joe didn't seem to mind, or notice and Beckett slept for about an hour. It was good because of the company that was with us.

There were a few weird people in the crowd near us. One lady had a thing about getting the candy that was tossed into the street from some of the parade participants. She would run out into the parade and grab any candy that didn't make it to the crowd. One time she took it just as some kid was reaching for the same piece. Didn't matter, that kid was not going to get that candy.

When we got back, Joe (Sr.) had gotten back from the Eastern Shore so we got to see him and spend a few minutes with Joe.

The Candy Lady

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