Sunday, December 31, 2006

Karens Here for a Visit

My sister is here for a short visit and the New Year - Yeah! She met jack and we have all been spending mucho time together. Yesterday we started the day by going to the Starbucks (*$) and Quizno's to fuel up. I am not a coffee drinker, so I snapped a few pics. (I admit it - I love the place, but I don't drink coffee)

All of us fueled-up.

We went over to Fair Oaks Mall after that and spent a good portion of the day shopping and browsing. Jack was good the whole time and only got upset when he was hungry.

Also went to Dick's (formerly Galyan's) and did more shopping later on. Got some new kicks there so I could go back to work with new shoes.

Also caught the Redskins game last night, wore my jersey and rooted as hard as I could, but that game was a microcosm of the whole season - a couple bad plays, giving up big gains and no secondary - but a good, solid running game. There is always hope...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Buying Stamps

I am sending my Mom a package with Jacks pictures from daycare and a copy or two of the Calender he made the front cover. I forgot to include these items when I packed all the Christmas gifts earlier, so now I am getting around to it.

I got some special stamps that I usually use and wanted to alert anyone reading this to consider buying these stamps the next time you are at the Post Office. The stamps are 45 cents each instead of 37 cents, but the extra money goes directly to Breast Cancer research to help find a cure.

This is usually the time of year when people are usually giving, so if you think about it, buy a few and use them. Every little bit helps and no money is wasted on fund drives, administration or those bloated executive salaries they pay the head-honchos at some of those organizations that are supposed to help people, but usually just help themselves.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Interesting Signage

I almost forgot to post this, but yesterday, Kate and I went out to lunch and we were passing by a sign shop in Falls Church. We went by her old house she grew up in as a kid to see if it was still there (it was).

Anyway, we are at the light and I look over and see this sign in the window of the sign store...

Looks like Wachovia made someone mad at that sign shop.

End of December

We snapped a few pics this evening after dinner.
Thought you would enjoy these, Mom. :)

The First Tooth (and more)

I regularly let Jack bite on my thumb and feel his gums for that first tooth and on Saturday I was surprised to feel a nub. At first it felt like he had a small growth, but a day later it had an edge to it, alot like a puppy's tooth in its sharpness!

We took a picture this evening to document the momentus occasion. He was very happy and smiley and let me hold his lip to get a better look.

In another development, he has also started to stick his tongue out. I don't know wether its to feel that tooth or what, but he usually does it when he is happy and smiles.

He also decided to hold his bottle this morning with both of his hands. He did it at Daycare, too. Apparently, this week is a real milestone.

Jack's First Christmas

Christmas arrived early Sunday morning after Jack awoke at about 7 in the morning. We got up and exchanged presents in the living room. Kate's Mom and Tino were in twon and stayed with us, so we held back presents from the previous night's festivites and exchanged only presents between us.

Kate got me a Redskin jersey with my name on the back. (There actually was a player with my name who played back in 1942, but he only played two games and then was sent off to war) This is interesting because my name is not like a joe smith or a bill thomas. Anyway, she researched what number he wore and got my jersey in that number.

I got Kate a nano iPod so she could listen to her songs anywhere and finally get into this digital music thing. She likes most things that are technical with a high cool factor.

Jack got a play set that he can sit in and exercise his legs (and brain). He also got loads of toys and clothes. The kid has it made. He loves the activity set!

My Mom got him some clothes, a bear and a snow globe that will be a family heirloom. Very nice stuff! (He is wearing the pajamas that Grandma got him in the picture above)

We went over to Tim and Karens later that day and had a traditional Christmas dinner and exchanged presents. Jack got more clothes and toys there, too! We are running out of place to put all his stuff!

It was a very good Christmas.

The Rest of the Week

After the party, the weekend went downhill. Kate developed food poisoning the next day and was out of commission for a day and a half. I was worried it was a virus and wasn't sure if it would affect me and Jack. I tried to help out, but you can only do so much. I am so glad that is over - its tough to see a loved one go through that. The onlly saving grace was that it wasn't a virus, because neither Jack or me got sick. Thank God for small miracles.

Sunday night I got a call from Kevin, whom I have known since 7th grade. His mother passed away on friday after a long bout with brain cancer. They had her in a nursing home for the last few months because she couldn't speak. Kevin visited her daily and kept her up to date on the family and other news. He isn't sure if she could even understand him at the end, she would blink, but that is about it.

Mrs. Fullen was a real nice person, always happy and completely devoted to Paul, Kevin and Craig.

I went to the wake on Wednesday night and passed along my family's condolences. I called Kenny, Karen, Mom and Dad and they all pass along their condolences as well.

I am sad that she is not with us, but comforted that her pain is over.

Pre Christmas Party

For the last three years or so, Kate and her friends have organized a party pre-Christmas at a bar called "Hell's Kitchen", which is in the basement of "The Big Hunt", a Dupont Circle bar that does some good business. This year I brought along my camera and snapped a few shots as the night progressed.

All of this could not have happened if Aunt Val and Aunt Barb had not babysat Jack - so Thank You!!!

Here are a few pics of the party:

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas is Coming

Kate and I decided to take a picture of the boy under the tree, holding a present as a prop. The idea is he would have something to hold onto (and occupy his hands) so i could snap a shot of him to use as our christmas picture that we will be sending out this year.

Which one is the best? (BTW - you can click on any of the pictures and they show up bigger)

Friday, December 8, 2006

Blue Eyes

We are at the six month mark (in about a week), so it looks as though his eyes will stay blue. My sister has blue eyes, and Kate's Dad has blue eyes as well. All of Kenny's kids have them, too.

BTW - Kenny called me last night. We talked for a few minutes about everything and nothing. He wants to do a blog, cause my sister has jumped on the bandwagon and done a blog as well. It looks good and is a great way to stay in touch. I can't believe how big her boys are getting!


Me and the Boy

I usually get a few pics of Kate and Jack, but Kate took the camera and snapped a few of me and the boy. This was a good shot where his head wasn't moving and I was paying attention. Mom was making all kinds of crazy noises to get him to smile and look at her. Wish I had that recorded - people would think she was nuts. :)


Christmas Tree

I got a good picture of Jack next to the Christmas tree, smiling like he knows whats coming.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Push Ups

Jack is doing push ups, recently, we think this is the first step towards actually crawling, but it usually ends up with this sort of face-burying and arm-flailing. Not quite there, yet. But he's got the smile down.

Saturday Afternoon

I managed to snap a few pics of Jack and Kate in the afternoon when the sun was shining through the slats of the blinds.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

On A Happier Note

Our first cold snap made its entrance yesterday. It was 71 degrees yesterday and right now its down to 48, in the span of 24 hours - amazing. If you don't like the weather around DC, just wait, it'll change.

Jack is sleeping now, down for his before noon nap. I have a few minutes (hour) to straighten up and update my blog for my Mom and let her know I am alive and breathing (much better) today.

Speaking of Jack, he made the front cover to the Library's January issue. I dressed him up as Baby New Year at the request of my boss and the issue came back from the printers just yesterday. 17,800 copies will be distributed to all 21 of the Fairfax County Library branches. My boy is famous.

We also put up the Christmas tree, complete with LED lights. They are bright, but will apparently last forever and don't waste much power. I will get a pic up of the tree later, maybe with Jack under it so you get a better idea.

My sinuses feel much better. Everyone has whatever this thing is going around, four people at work and my neighbor have it. Ooh, and almost all the kids at daycare, too. There were only three kids yesterday in the infant room, and there are usually 8 or 9. I think Jack got it about two or three weeks ago and I finally got it just after Kate.