Saturday, December 2, 2006

On A Happier Note

Our first cold snap made its entrance yesterday. It was 71 degrees yesterday and right now its down to 48, in the span of 24 hours - amazing. If you don't like the weather around DC, just wait, it'll change.

Jack is sleeping now, down for his before noon nap. I have a few minutes (hour) to straighten up and update my blog for my Mom and let her know I am alive and breathing (much better) today.

Speaking of Jack, he made the front cover to the Library's January issue. I dressed him up as Baby New Year at the request of my boss and the issue came back from the printers just yesterday. 17,800 copies will be distributed to all 21 of the Fairfax County Library branches. My boy is famous.

We also put up the Christmas tree, complete with LED lights. They are bright, but will apparently last forever and don't waste much power. I will get a pic up of the tree later, maybe with Jack under it so you get a better idea.

My sinuses feel much better. Everyone has whatever this thing is going around, four people at work and my neighbor have it. Ooh, and almost all the kids at daycare, too. There were only three kids yesterday in the infant room, and there are usually 8 or 9. I think Jack got it about two or three weeks ago and I finally got it just after Kate.


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