Sunday, December 31, 2006

Karens Here for a Visit

My sister is here for a short visit and the New Year - Yeah! She met jack and we have all been spending mucho time together. Yesterday we started the day by going to the Starbucks (*$) and Quizno's to fuel up. I am not a coffee drinker, so I snapped a few pics. (I admit it - I love the place, but I don't drink coffee)

All of us fueled-up.

We went over to Fair Oaks Mall after that and spent a good portion of the day shopping and browsing. Jack was good the whole time and only got upset when he was hungry.

Also went to Dick's (formerly Galyan's) and did more shopping later on. Got some new kicks there so I could go back to work with new shoes.

Also caught the Redskins game last night, wore my jersey and rooted as hard as I could, but that game was a microcosm of the whole season - a couple bad plays, giving up big gains and no secondary - but a good, solid running game. There is always hope...

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Snowelf said...

I thought of you guys when I heard the Redskins game. Glad to see you had an adorable and Merry Christmas!!

I can't wait to see all of Jack's new firsts during his first New Year!!

take care :)