Saturday, January 31, 2009

More Snow Pictures

Jack and Bobbiboo in the snow. She is such a good dog to sit in the snow when I wanted her to pose.

Look at that face...

Sketchbook (Pages 10 &11)

I finally finished the food sketch.

This page is pretty much randomness.

Peanut, Skull, Bone, Bowling ball, Flower, Cats face, Swimmer, Sunnyside Egg, Ear, R2D2, Paint can, Helicopter, Flag, Sailboat, Dinosaur, Feather, Eight ball, Arm with Sword, Tooth, Violin, Broom, Cactus, Pipe, Lava lamp, Nut, Light Bulb, Devil Ray and Thermometer.

This one has a Sea Creatures theme. I was watching "Lost" when I started it, hence the plane and palm tree, but then it morphed into sea creatures.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mary Had A Little Lamb (Long Version)

Guitar Solo

Not sure where he picked this up, but he likes to pretend that the golf club is a guitar and does a solo. I certainly never engage in dramatics like this.

I use a broom.

Ladies and Gentleman

He does have a flair for the dramatic. We don't know where he gets it from.

Patented Karate Power Move

There is a power move in Karate, that when mastered, can deliver a force of energy to an opponent without even touching them. I have been trying to master this move for years and I seem to be getting better, right now it only works on children and small dogs, but I am content with my power right now and will continue to develop it.

If you watch this movie, it shows clearly that I have developed this power to such an extent, I can actually use only my breath to knock my opponent backward. I have been told before that my breath could knock a buzzard off a turnip truck and now I have some evidence.

Catching Snow

Snow Day

I stayed at home today and took the day off because I was unsure how bad it would be late in the day. They are calling for more snow, but its the ice that really concerns me. You can't do anything about ice; better tires, good driving habits, slow speed, noting will compensate for ice.

We went to the 7-11 at lunch time and got some butter so we could make some cookies (oatmeal). Kate whipped them up and the Jack went down for his nap. I went through some of teh photos and movies that have been building up on my cameras memory card and processed them for the blog.

Here are a few shots of the snow outside.

Monday, January 19, 2009


For Christmas, Jack got a monkey hat that he wears outside, so cute. So thanks for that Grandma Witchey, he loves it. Still a no go on the derby hat, though.

He wore a Redskins hat the other day and I got a few snaps of that as well. He looks good in hats.

Let's Try That Again...

Here ya go, Mom! Happy Birthday.

More Brain Dumps

I got a BP monitor and have been taking some readings for the last few days in my little booklet. I have also been adding new pages of doodles as well. Her are the latest ones:

A little late, but Merry Christmas:

This is another object-based piece.

The objects in this one:
Space Ship w/ Alien, Clouds, Dove, Bomb, Sheriffs Badge, Snare Drum, Vine with Flower, Gas Pump, Wasp, Telephone Receiver, Snake, Flower, Cleaver, Clown, Headphones, Martini, Pteradactyl, Eye, Lock, Hat, Hammer, Rocket, Arrow, Spoon, Candle, Brain, Marker, Key, Lamp, Cigar, Mug, Tape Measure, Syringe, Lightbulb and a Dog Collar.

Still a work in progress, I need more food-related ideas.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I called my mom yesterday to wish her a happy birthday and got a bonus of speaking to "Gert", my grandmother for the first time in I-don't-know. It was short and sweet, curt and courteous. I also spoke with Amos as well for almost literally, a second.

They stopped over to Mom and Dad's house to (mentally abuse) wish Mom a happy birthday.

I ended up talking with Dad on the phone for about an hour and catching up. It was good to speak with him and get the low-down on all that is happening in the busy metropolis that is South Central Oklahoma. The scuttlebutt; not much has changed but the weather.

Dad is worried about the economy, but I told him to invest in alcohol, not bottles, but stocks, because in a bad economy people drink more. I don't have a lot of extra cash, so I may have to invest in the individual bottles.

Cheers to you Mom! I tried to get Jack to say Happy Birthday GG on the camera, but he is into saying "No" to some requests. You can't rush creativity and youth. I will see what I can get this afternoon once the Diva is up from his nap.

Love You, Mom!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Older Cluttered Mind Puzzles

Someone named Anonymous commented on the "Cluttered Mind" puzzles, as well as my sister. Here are a few older ones that I did a while ago. Enjoy:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rhyme In Time

The whole "Clink & Drink" thing got me thinking about how we use these quick and easy-to-remember sayings to teach important stuff. Kids remember stuff much easier if you rhyme it and its short, sort of the Dr. Seuss school of lessons.

I use this when I buckle Jack into his seat, he will say "Click It or Ticket" in a very matter of fact voice, he uses his finger for emphasis (not that finger). I will have to get a movie of that sometime.

I hope the lesson sticks, too. That way he won't even question when he gets into a car to put on his seat belt, even when he is older.

We had a horrible illustration of this the week before last when two kids went out to the convenience store and one wore his belt and the other did not. You can guess who was thrown from the car and died and who did not. Of course, it was the driver who is also being charged with a DUI, but he is alive and walked away from the crash.

Nearly 40,000 people die each year on the roads and half of them didn't wear their seat belts when death occurred.

(Stepping off soapbox)

Virtual Clink & Drink with Georgi

We went over to one of Kate's workmates place for dinner last week (Sharon) in honor of Georgi, who is on the mend and getting better. (Can I get a Woohoo) The dinner was great and the people were even nicer. A Nice group of people and Sharon was an excellent host.

During dinner, Georgi, who watches this blog and says she is obsessed with Jack, says she wants to "Clink & Drink" with Jack. He was a little shy, but eventually did it.

So fast forward to this week and we are having lunch at the table. I gab my camera and ask Jack if he wants to clink and drink, but this time I asked him to say Hi to Georgi so that I could post it. That way Georgi can play it back and have her very own Virtual Clink & Drink with Jack.

So here goes...

Loafing Around

I got Kate a bread maker for Christmas and we have popped out a few loafs lately. I inquired how I could get into the swing of this and made my first loaf. It turned out well and the house smelled like a bakery.

Don't pinch it. Haha.

Helping Make Brownies

Saturdays are usually baking days, Kate will make something and Jack likes to help. Everything we make, he inists on adding eggs, simply because he likes to crack them open. This time it was gooey brownies, with caramels.

Also the official taste-tester.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Cluttered Mind

My doctor said I should get a small notebook and start marking down my BP readings, keep a log of them over the next few weeks and see if the medicine is working, etc.

Well, I got a small notebook and have been doing that, but I also use it to sketch in. Nothing particular, just sketches of objects that enter and leave my mind, like dreams, nonsensical stuff.
Here are the first few pages that I have been playing with. Kate says I should do a large version with a Christmas theme and make it into a calender. I think I will try to begin a large one and then list the objects that are found in it.

Can you spot all the objects in these? (Click on Graphic to "Biggerize"it)

Here's the list of objects in first spread:
Bone, Mug of Beer, Rose, Face of the Moon, Sword, Small Fish, Car, Cowboy Riding a Bucking Bronco, Bottle, Cell Phone, Pack of Cigarettes, Dogs Face, Slice of Pizza, Frog, Old Boot, Nail, Four-Leaf Clover, Storm Cloud, Monkeys Face, Dolphin, Coconut Tree, Saxophone, Paint Bucket (Spilling), Horse Shoe, Football, Top Hat, Zebra, Banana, Carrot, Time Piece, Diamond Ring, Crab, Birds Head, Hammer and a Les Paul Guitar.