Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Cluttered Mind

My doctor said I should get a small notebook and start marking down my BP readings, keep a log of them over the next few weeks and see if the medicine is working, etc.

Well, I got a small notebook and have been doing that, but I also use it to sketch in. Nothing particular, just sketches of objects that enter and leave my mind, like dreams, nonsensical stuff.
Here are the first few pages that I have been playing with. Kate says I should do a large version with a Christmas theme and make it into a calender. I think I will try to begin a large one and then list the objects that are found in it.

Can you spot all the objects in these? (Click on Graphic to "Biggerize"it)

Here's the list of objects in first spread:
Bone, Mug of Beer, Rose, Face of the Moon, Sword, Small Fish, Car, Cowboy Riding a Bucking Bronco, Bottle, Cell Phone, Pack of Cigarettes, Dogs Face, Slice of Pizza, Frog, Old Boot, Nail, Four-Leaf Clover, Storm Cloud, Monkeys Face, Dolphin, Coconut Tree, Saxophone, Paint Bucket (Spilling), Horse Shoe, Football, Top Hat, Zebra, Banana, Carrot, Time Piece, Diamond Ring, Crab, Birds Head, Hammer and a Les Paul Guitar.


MommaBlog said...

These are so totally well dreamy I love them! You are so creative. Sigh. I keep a BP book too.

Johnny said...

I figure if I am going to have to write in a book, it should be fun stuff, too.

I have been reading your blog, love the Praying Mantis impersonation.

Anonymous said...

I love this artwork!! MORE MORE! And not just the hidden items ones.. I like the animal ones too. I may have to ask you to do some large versions for framing in the kids room. This is the type of stuff that really helps clear my mind because I can spend time letting my brain fingers run over the intricacies. Well Done!