Monday, January 19, 2009

More Brain Dumps

I got a BP monitor and have been taking some readings for the last few days in my little booklet. I have also been adding new pages of doodles as well. Her are the latest ones:

A little late, but Merry Christmas:

This is another object-based piece.

The objects in this one:
Space Ship w/ Alien, Clouds, Dove, Bomb, Sheriffs Badge, Snare Drum, Vine with Flower, Gas Pump, Wasp, Telephone Receiver, Snake, Flower, Cleaver, Clown, Headphones, Martini, Pteradactyl, Eye, Lock, Hat, Hammer, Rocket, Arrow, Spoon, Candle, Brain, Marker, Key, Lamp, Cigar, Mug, Tape Measure, Syringe, Lightbulb and a Dog Collar.

Still a work in progress, I need more food-related ideas.

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