Friday, June 29, 2007

The Wedding and Reception

The wedding went great, I didn't lose the rings for the few minutes I was entrusted with them and the ceremony was very nice. It was a Catholic wedding, complete with a mass.

It was a little nerve-wracking waiting for the ceremony to begin, we were kept in the sacresty ( a small room just off of the alter) with just me, Randy and the priest. I think Randy got a little nervous just before we went out, so we got him a drink of water. I have never seen him nervous before, so it was kind of funny.

My toast at the reception was short and sweet, I got a few laughs, too. Katherine made a toast that was much better, she may have made a few people cry.

The food was great and then we danced. Reet and Jim took care of Jack and danced with him while we were cutting a rug and wore him out. The lights were mesmerizing, and he held on for as long as he could, but when he went down, he crashed quick. The music was blaring, but he was out like a light.

We all had a great time.

Rehearsal Dinner

We drove up friday afternoon and went to the rehearsal at the church because it took so long to get to Easton. The traffic was horrible to get out of the DC area, let alone to get across the Bay Bridge.

Anyway, we got settled into our room at the Econo Lodge (wouldn't recommend it if you ever go) and took a quick shower and we were off. Ended up going to wrong way down 50 and corrected course within a few minutes, the whole deal made us 5 minutes late.

It all worked out fine and we made it through the rehearsal fine.

After that it was a short trip to Theresa's Mom and Dads new house for some good eats. BBQ shrimp, lobster quiche, burgers, chicken skewers. Everyone of the Syartos knows how to cook so it was a feast.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Easton, Maryland

We went to Easton, Maryland this weekend for Randy and Theresa's wedding (I was the best man). Easton is about 30 minutes from the Bay Bridge, just southeast of Annapolis. We arrived Friday afternoon and attended the rehearsal dinner (later post).

Before the wedding on Saturday evening, Kate, Jack and myself went into Old Towne Easton and had a little breakfast and toured the downtown area. OT Easton is a lot like OT Alexandria, lots of little shops and cafe's. We went to a coffee shop and got Jack a lemon/poppyseed muffin (he loves them), Kate got a coffee and I got some water.

We stumbled upon the Farmers Market and walked down to the National Guard building, which looked like a castle and had a huge sculpture of some Canadian geese out front. We paused and took a few pictures and enjoyed the beautiful day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Jack Goes Swimming

For Fathers Day, Kate got me a DVD (Entourage, 3rd season), a Super-Soaker water gun (Toys for big boys) and took me to breakfast at Mickey D's. Jack made me a picture frame at daycare and decorated it with paint. In the picture frame was a picture of him wearing a shirt that said "My Dad is the Man!" How true, how true.

After his morning nap, we went over to Kate's Fathers house in Gaithersburg for some swimming. Charlie and Barbara were there when we showed up so they got a little quality time with their great grandson. We exchanged some presents for the Mothers Day that had come and gone and also the requisite Fathers Day presents.

Jack had some presents waiting for him for his birthday, too. He got some great books and some little plastic gardening tools. One of the books had LED lights in it and would sing a song when you pressed a button. What will they think of next?

After the present exchange we went down to the pool. It was cold at first, but after a minute it was very nice. You had to jump in, cause otherwise you kill yourself an inch at a time. After Kate got in and I got in, we let Jack get to the edge and dip his feet in. He didn't cry, but wasn't enamored with the cold water (it really wasn't that cold). Every time we lowered him down, his legs would curl up. We let him stand on the stairs and he was comfortable with that for awhile. Kate held him for a few minutes, too, in the water and dipped him in once and awhile. We put him in the little floater that Kate got and he didn't like that, so we took him out and Grandma Fritz cuddled him. He always likes that, so we swam and Grandma Fritz (Karen) cuddled him until he started to fall asleep.

We continued to swim for another half hour cause we never get to swim or have time to spend alone doing stuff like swimming. We took full advantage - Thanks Karen and Tim!