Friday, June 29, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner

We drove up friday afternoon and went to the rehearsal at the church because it took so long to get to Easton. The traffic was horrible to get out of the DC area, let alone to get across the Bay Bridge.

Anyway, we got settled into our room at the Econo Lodge (wouldn't recommend it if you ever go) and took a quick shower and we were off. Ended up going to wrong way down 50 and corrected course within a few minutes, the whole deal made us 5 minutes late.

It all worked out fine and we made it through the rehearsal fine.

After that it was a short trip to Theresa's Mom and Dads new house for some good eats. BBQ shrimp, lobster quiche, burgers, chicken skewers. Everyone of the Syartos knows how to cook so it was a feast.

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