Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodbye Ricochet

As we went to bed last night, Ricochet started making funny noises, a type of panting, so we let him into the hall so he could get some water. He made it into the hallway and then stumbled. I took him to the water in the kitchen and he wouldn't get up. He opened his mouth just a bit (and let out a little yip) and then went limp.

I got Ricochet almost 14 years ago at the Arlington Welfare League, he was already 3 and a half years old.

I'm certain that his quality of life was not only better, but much longer than if I had not picked him that day at the shelter. He improved my quality of life as well. He was a good cat and we will miss him.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Portrait of Jack

I am working on a new portrait of Jack. Here is the latest view of what it looks like:

I already have a girl at work that wants me to do one of her daughter so that will be next.

Daredevil Jack

I was taking a quick slip of jack saying hello today and he decided to put on a show by doing his big "stunt". He has just learned to jump and has a daredevil gene apparently.

Watch the vid to see what I mean:

Why My Local Subway Sucks

So I went into my Subway for some lunch today and I noticed a huge sign out front that says: "5$ for Any Footlong Sub". The guy in front of me in line orders a foot long Pastrami. I have Jack with me so I am trying to keep him occupied and am ordering my sub when I hear the lady who is at the cashier say something to the guy about the price of his meal.

He understood it as being $5, but they mean every sub, except the pastrami and the philly cheese steak. I look over at the poster that is posted on the window and read it to myself, "$5 All Foot longs, All Day, Every Day".

The guy is arguing with them about the price, and he is pointing out the sign about $5 and they point out a much smaller sign that states that the deal applies to all subs, EXCEPT the pastrami and philly cheese steak.

I pipe in that the big sign says All Foot longs, and that that should mean all foot longs. They just shrug like they are sorry, but not willing to budge. The guy just refuses the sandwich and gets them to make another sandwich. Meanwhile, the foot long sandwich is just sitting there, probably to be thrown away (what a waste). Arguing is pointless sometimes if people just don't care, so I didn't push it. It wasn't my fight anyway.

I paid for my meal and left, thinking to myself that there is definitely something sketchy about what just happened.

If you have a sign that says clearly what the deal is, there should be a sign equally as big that shows the exceptions.

I took a picture of the front of the store that shows what I am talking about. The big sign is obvious, the small sign that signifies what the exceptions are to the deal is much smaller. (Can you spot the exceptions? Its the little white letter-sized page posted on the door)

BTW- Notice the Two huge displays that advertise the new Pastrami sub that accompany the $5 Footlong poster - and you wonder why there was confusion.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I have been quizzing Jack about counting and he is pretty good at getting up to five, but then goes right to seven. We are working on it, along with his ABCs. He sings along with the ABC song and you can hear him say some of the letters pretty clearly.

In this video, he counts up to 10, but misses 6. Not bad.

Who needs six anyway? I always thought it was a throw away number.

Rock On

Jack loves that little guitar.

The Latest: Voting, Ice and a Cool Shirt

Notice the shirt on Jack? It says "Little Man of the House" and we got it at Old Navy for a couple of bucks, literally. It pays to look for bargains and sale items.

He has been playing with his guitar lately and dancing around it. It plays Old MacDonald in a twangy way that is catchy and addictive. I caught myself humming it the other day out of the blue.

We went to vote in the primary this evening and made sure we voted together so our votes didn't cancel each other out. In the parking lot we skidded about 20 feet because of the ice and the van in back of us almost ran into us doing the same thing. Good thing we were two blocks away. Got home fine and am not looking forward to tomorrow and that mess that will be waiting.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ellie and Jack

A Visit to North Carolina

We went to see Abbie and Jason in North Carolina this weekend and spent some time with Ellie, too. Ellie is 10 days older than Jack and is his cousin. I took a few pictures and here are a few of them.

We had a good time and are planning on going back in March sometime when Kathleen came come as well. Get better, soon, Kathleen.