Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Latest: Voting, Ice and a Cool Shirt

Notice the shirt on Jack? It says "Little Man of the House" and we got it at Old Navy for a couple of bucks, literally. It pays to look for bargains and sale items.

He has been playing with his guitar lately and dancing around it. It plays Old MacDonald in a twangy way that is catchy and addictive. I caught myself humming it the other day out of the blue.

We went to vote in the primary this evening and made sure we voted together so our votes didn't cancel each other out. In the parking lot we skidded about 20 feet because of the ice and the van in back of us almost ran into us doing the same thing. Good thing we were two blocks away. Got home fine and am not looking forward to tomorrow and that mess that will be waiting.

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