Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at The Fritz's

Christmas afternoon we went to see Kate's father and wife in Maryland for a traditional Christmas feats of turkey and all the fixin's. Man that was a good turkey - I even took some extra home for turkey sammiches. Mmmmmm-mmmm.

Andy just graduated from the University of Maryland this last week, so he got an iPod touch as a graduation present. I got to play with it and have to say I am impressed with the interface, even wihout the cell phone feature, it still rocks.

Karen got jack some really nice clothes and a few toys that are cool. She got a few little bathtub duckies that have LEDs inside, so when you touch them, they glow and change colors. He also got some little animals that come inside a barn that , when you squeeze them, they make little animal noises. He got some new jammies, too, that will be used just in time - he is growing like a weed.

In the end, we had a good time and Jack loved to see his Grandma and Granddad.

Jack has taken to wearing a hat, sometimes backwards. But he looks good in it.

Christmas Morning

This was the first Christmas that Jack kindof gets Christmas - even if its still puzzling. (We've had these presents under the funny tree for weeks, but THIS morning we are opening them?)

I still think he thinks every day is Christmas.

He got into opening the presents, for the first few, then faded and played with some of his new toys. Kate and I got to open ours and enjoy that moment as a family.

Merry Christmas - WOW!

We stopped by a house after leaving Bill and Theresa's that is pretty incredible. Kate took a picture of what these words cannot do justice.

(Can you imagine the electric bill...)

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we went to Bill and Theresa's and had some of the best shells and cheese/chicken parmigiana for dinner. After wards, we exchanged presents for the kids. Jack got a very nice four-wheel, battery-powered riding scooter. He got on and then immediately got off when it lurched forward a total of 3 inches. Not a Dare-Devil, this one.

The O'Briens got a cat and named her "Lucy", she is a calico with a short, soft, brindle coat. She stayed away from Jack, but would follow him when he picked up a ribbon. Cute cat. Wanna trade - I'll give you two for one.

Always a good time at the O'Briens - that house is filled with laughter with three little girls that are fun to be around.

GG's Birthday

We went to Reet and Jims for GG's birthday celebration. Unfortunately, we got there a little late since jack decided to take his nap at 2 instead of 12, so we were waaay off schedule. Missed some of the dinner, but got there in time for cake and presents.

GG looks pretty good for being 92, she is pretty sharp and has made great progress in the last few months getting back to where she was before she had the brain surgery earlier this year.

Happy Birthday, GG!

Colleen and Kyle on the couch.

Little Joe, watching the fun.

Me and Jack on the couch, watching the presents being opened.

Don't Forget Maryland!

When I blogged about the state Christmas trees we saw at the National Christmas tree exhibit on the mall, I didn't mean to exclude Maryland. I guess, I just thought of it as an extension of Virginia, since its so close.

Sorry about that Tim, Karen, Andy and Zach, didn't mean to leave you out. My whoopsie.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

National Christmas Tree

We went with the Witchey's to see the National Christmas tree near the White House and then had dinner. I got a picture of each of the state trees that we have family.

Jack liked the lights on the big tree and really liked the trains that were set up around the tree as well.

After the tree, we went back to Frank and Debbie's for a great dinner, thank you!

The Goodyears

The Witchey's


North Carolina


Rhode Island

South Carolina