Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we went to Bill and Theresa's and had some of the best shells and cheese/chicken parmigiana for dinner. After wards, we exchanged presents for the kids. Jack got a very nice four-wheel, battery-powered riding scooter. He got on and then immediately got off when it lurched forward a total of 3 inches. Not a Dare-Devil, this one.

The O'Briens got a cat and named her "Lucy", she is a calico with a short, soft, brindle coat. She stayed away from Jack, but would follow him when he picked up a ribbon. Cute cat. Wanna trade - I'll give you two for one.

Always a good time at the O'Briens - that house is filled with laughter with three little girls that are fun to be around.

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