Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

She's wrinkly, skinny, pink and cries. And she's all ours.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fetus Don't Fail Me Now

It started at 1 0'Clock in the morning, Monday. Kate woke me and said she had been having contractions for the last hour, about five minutes apart. They started to get a little more intense and we started counting them; 1:04, 1:09, 1:14. She called her doctor and I became fully awake at that point.

The bags were already packed we just needed to get Jack in the car and drive to the hospital, which is only a few minutes away, down Rt. 50. At 1 o'clock in the morning there are not a lot of drivers out and I kept thinking that I was going to get pulled over going through the City of Fairfax and the policeman would give us an escort to the hospital. Nope, no police to be found along the drive. Kate would have a contraction and I would go over a bump and she would feel it and groan a bit, though.

I kept thinking, "Fetus, Don't Fail me Now!" during the drive that felt like forever but only lasted a few minutes.

When we did get to the Hospital, they had valet service, which I thought was great. I gave them my keys but then Kate got out of the car and he said that this was for Emergency and not pregnant women. I looked over and there were some girls outside crying on a bench and there were four police cars around us. We decided to get back in the car and drive one block down and park in the garage. We walked over and checked in and got Kate a wheelchair.

We got a room down the hall from where Jack was born which was very nice and spacious. Kate's Mom met us there and we got comfortable. The IV was bad because they had a little trouble with it but she got used to it after a few minutes. After more contractions we eventually went with a epidural and she was much better. It was really fast after that. When it was time it took only a few pushes and she made her appearance. The cord was loosely wrapped around her neck, which alarmed me, but the doctor pulled it over and the rest of her popped out. She was purple but after only two minutes she pinked up real good. That was a relief.

It all went about as good as I could expect. Kate is doing well and they were released today to come home. Emma likes sleeping on my chest for some reason. Maybe she is already a Daddy's Girl?

Jack and the (Pink Bubble Gum) Cigar

He looks like a 60-year-old in this picture. He should have a betting sheet in one hand and dress in polyesther suits.

Emma Pictures

The first thing she did is start sticking her tongue out to find something, she has a very strong suck reflex.

Yeah, I'm a little happy.

A Close-Up of Emma

Catching Some Zzzzs

Emma Kathleen Goodyear

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Is Springing

My Dogwoods out front are starting to blossom. These are my favorites besides the tulip tree out back that blooms HUUGE blossoms. The grass is going crazy too since we have been getting mad amounts of rain.

Thanks For The Easter Vittles

Thanks GG and Papa John for the Easter cookies and candy we got today! What a nice surprise to come home and find a package addressed to Jack, open it up and its tasty stuff for Easter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's been awhile since I have posted a good soaphawk picture.


I saw this on the side of a Fannon Fuel truck. Someone misspelled "Dispatched" and left out the "T" so it spells "Dispached". Whoops, not a big deal, its not like a tattoo or something.

Fake-Out Parking Spot

I hate when this happens, you see a line of cars and it looks like an open spot to park in, but no! Someone just pulled in and is hiding their car, of course you now have to put it in reverse and do the "backup of shame".

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Right of Passage

Today I went and got he Star Wars DVD and watched it with Jack, who was very excited about it since he has been hearing about it for a few years. I splurged and got the three disc set. We have had Lego toys and mini figures based on Star Wars, but he has never seen the actual movie. So when we sat down to watch it, he asked a lot of questions, a lot of questions. He also got a little upset a few times since it has a few scenes that are a little heavy on tension for a four-year-old. I assured him that they would be OK and the good guys would get away. He is sensitive, so tension in any form will make him get upset. He was worried that a bear was going to eat Donald Duck one time while watching a Disney cartoon, I assured him that the bear wouldn't get him.

Its a right of passage for every kid to see Star Wars. It was the first time that Kate has ever seen it, which is even more amazing to me that she made it thirty-humphgrbl years and had avoided seeing it. Now she and Jack are in the club.


This aptly illustrates how I feel about Mondays.

Play Doh Pancakes

When I went to pick up Jack the other day he was busy making stuff with Play Doh. He was working with Mason and they were making pancakes with blueberries (it is waaaayy too hard to make strawberries with play doh).



Kate made my birthday special by making me dinner, getting me a few presents and making some awesome cupcakes. Jack presented them to me after dinner and sang happy birthday.

I thought someone hacked my Facebook account because I got a bunch of alerts that someone had written to me from my gmail, must have been 40 people that wished me a happy birthday. That was nice, too.

Later, I had a few friends over and we had s'mores outside with a pit fire and drank some of my neighbors home made brew later in the night.

Mmmmmm,.... Cup Cakes.

The Pit Fire in the back yard.

Digitizing Albums

I got a USB Record player for my birthday money, ordered it through and it arrived the other day. That evening I hooked it up to my computer, spun a record and recorded it via some software. I was surprised that it didn't need an extra power cord to drive the motor, all I needed to do was plug in a USB cable and I was off and running. Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy.

The Beatles Let It Be record.

The USB Turntable

So far I have recorded a few songs and it comes across a little low in volume but the software can amplify it so that isn't a big deal. I thought cracks and pops would show up because when I was a kid and had a record player, I distinctly remember the pops when a needle would hit something and it would crack or pop. When listening to it, there is a distinct difference if you compare it to a CD, which is pure digital and sounds very crisp. Its amazing how we have become so accustomed to CD music with its perfection and clarity and how an old album brings you back when music was sharp and harsh.