Saturday, April 2, 2011

Digitizing Albums

I got a USB Record player for my birthday money, ordered it through and it arrived the other day. That evening I hooked it up to my computer, spun a record and recorded it via some software. I was surprised that it didn't need an extra power cord to drive the motor, all I needed to do was plug in a USB cable and I was off and running. Easy-Peasy Lemon-Squeezy.

The Beatles Let It Be record.

The USB Turntable

So far I have recorded a few songs and it comes across a little low in volume but the software can amplify it so that isn't a big deal. I thought cracks and pops would show up because when I was a kid and had a record player, I distinctly remember the pops when a needle would hit something and it would crack or pop. When listening to it, there is a distinct difference if you compare it to a CD, which is pure digital and sounds very crisp. Its amazing how we have become so accustomed to CD music with its perfection and clarity and how an old album brings you back when music was sharp and harsh.

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