Saturday, April 2, 2011

Right of Passage

Today I went and got he Star Wars DVD and watched it with Jack, who was very excited about it since he has been hearing about it for a few years. I splurged and got the three disc set. We have had Lego toys and mini figures based on Star Wars, but he has never seen the actual movie. So when we sat down to watch it, he asked a lot of questions, a lot of questions. He also got a little upset a few times since it has a few scenes that are a little heavy on tension for a four-year-old. I assured him that they would be OK and the good guys would get away. He is sensitive, so tension in any form will make him get upset. He was worried that a bear was going to eat Donald Duck one time while watching a Disney cartoon, I assured him that the bear wouldn't get him.

Its a right of passage for every kid to see Star Wars. It was the first time that Kate has ever seen it, which is even more amazing to me that she made it thirty-humphgrbl years and had avoided seeing it. Now she and Jack are in the club.

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