Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bills Birthday Bash

After the Fair, we headed over to Bill and Theresa's for Bill's Birthday. The food was good (burgers and dogs fixed by Bill) and the cake was excellent. I will get the same cake for Kate's birthday in a few weeks. I spent some time with the nieces and Jack was showered with attention from all directions. The girls like to play with him and show him new stuff.

They got him in the swing and we let him ride that for a few minutes. He seemed to like it, or at least tolerate it. He looked down as the ground moved by below his feet and was mesmerized by that movement.

He also rode a tricycle that Theresa and Bill gave us. It has a big handle on the back so you can steer it. He liked that a lot and liked to be pushed around the court and down the driveway. The girls liked pushing the bike, too and took very good care of him. They are really nice kids, not a mean bone in their bodies.

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