Sunday, January 11, 2009

Virtual Clink & Drink with Georgi

We went over to one of Kate's workmates place for dinner last week (Sharon) in honor of Georgi, who is on the mend and getting better. (Can I get a Woohoo) The dinner was great and the people were even nicer. A Nice group of people and Sharon was an excellent host.

During dinner, Georgi, who watches this blog and says she is obsessed with Jack, says she wants to "Clink & Drink" with Jack. He was a little shy, but eventually did it.

So fast forward to this week and we are having lunch at the table. I gab my camera and ask Jack if he wants to clink and drink, but this time I asked him to say Hi to Georgi so that I could post it. That way Georgi can play it back and have her very own Virtual Clink & Drink with Jack.

So here goes...

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Georgi said...

OMG!!!! I am officially starting a JACK GOODYEAR FOR PRESIDENT campaign. Is he kidding? SO CUTE! Thanks, Johnny!!!!!