Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas is Coming

Kate and I decided to take a picture of the boy under the tree, holding a present as a prop. The idea is he would have something to hold onto (and occupy his hands) so i could snap a shot of him to use as our christmas picture that we will be sending out this year.

Which one is the best? (BTW - you can click on any of the pictures and they show up bigger)


Jack's Mommy said...

I like the top left one!

Kate said...

hey! i didnt say that! i said i liked the BOTTOM right one! :)

Kate said...

i am such a dork - i forgot my friend's 'blog' name is 'jack's mommy' - her son's name is jackson(jack)

Snowelf said...

I like the bottom right one, too...even though he isn't looking at the camera, it looks like he's checking to see if he can bust that sucker open at any moment. Sneaky Sneaky cutie!