Friday, December 8, 2006

Blue Eyes

We are at the six month mark (in about a week), so it looks as though his eyes will stay blue. My sister has blue eyes, and Kate's Dad has blue eyes as well. All of Kenny's kids have them, too.

BTW - Kenny called me last night. We talked for a few minutes about everything and nothing. He wants to do a blog, cause my sister has jumped on the bandwagon and done a blog as well. It looks good and is a great way to stay in touch. I can't believe how big her boys are getting!



Kate said...

why dont you and karen link blogs so we can go back and forth and keep up? :)

Snowelf said...

My daughter had me fooled...her eyes stayed blue a full year and they are Hazel now! So beware... bwahahahhaa...

My pediatrician says this is rare though, I think you've got a blue eyed baby. ;)