Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The First Tooth (and more)

I regularly let Jack bite on my thumb and feel his gums for that first tooth and on Saturday I was surprised to feel a nub. At first it felt like he had a small growth, but a day later it had an edge to it, alot like a puppy's tooth in its sharpness!

We took a picture this evening to document the momentus occasion. He was very happy and smiley and let me hold his lip to get a better look.

In another development, he has also started to stick his tongue out. I don't know wether its to feel that tooth or what, but he usually does it when he is happy and smiles.

He also decided to hold his bottle this morning with both of his hands. He did it at Daycare, too. Apparently, this week is a real milestone.


John Goodyear said...

Jack does have pretty blue eyes.

Abigail said...

I have to scroll down to see that picture of Jack sticking his tongue out everytime I visit this site. TOO CUTE!