Sunday, May 31, 2009

Up To 4 Rooms Of Equiment

I wait at one light in the morning on my way to work that takes a good five to eight minutes. Nothing to do but look at all the people going by (ooh, another school bus!) or read the sings that advertise the latest commodity service or product. You know, those services or products that every other person is selling, usually in bulk so as to make a slight profit. Problem with these commodities is that they have to spend next to nothing on the advertising vehicle to get you to notice.

The latest way to advertise for next to nothing is to put up a 16 x 24 piece of gator board with a one color quick-sell wording. These are usually at intersections, lined up for people like me who have a few minutes while waiting for the traffic signal to turn.

These are gone in just over a week when that patch of grass is mowed and the municipal employee or contractor has to remove said sign from the area in order to mow it. The next week, like a weed, another unsightly sign will be up in that place advertising for another commoditized service or product.

This weeks caught my eye because it looked "funny" to me. I couldn't figure it out, it just spoke to me in a negative way until I realized that they misspelled "Equi[p]ment".

These signs are also manufactured by the hundreds usually, so there are probably a hundred more around Fairfax with the same error.

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