Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Sandbox

I wanted to get Jack a sandbox so he could play with it outside over the summer, but Kate wanted it to be up off the ground so neighborhood cats didn't climb in a do (doo) their bidness, if ya know what I mean.

We had a table that Frank and Debbie had given us that was upstairs, and it was perfect for this, all I had to do was get some sand ($4.95 a bag) and we were good to go. We had some plastic toys that a neighbor had given us so that cost nothing as well. He awoke from his afternoon nap and played with the new sandbox for a few hours.

I situated it under the tulip tree, so it gets lots of shade and is relatively protected from the heavy rains. I also put a few sheets of plywood down so it doesn't sit on the ground. He can walk around it and it doesn't get in his shorts and shoes as much. Mom is happy, I am happy and Jack is happy.

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