Saturday, May 16, 2009


Kate has had me working tirelessly on a logo for a venture that Abbie, Jason, Paul and her are all working on. The web site is named Pamakana and comes from two words; Pa (to Give) and Makana (a Gift) in Hawaiian.

The idea behind the site is basically tracking good deeds. Say you are in a Starbucks and someone buys you a cup of coffee, they give you a card with a number on it and you log in at Pamakana and do something else nice for someone else, who then passes that on by doing something nice for someone else. Eventually, you can track your good deed, hopefully, around the globe.

I thought that a bee would be a good metaphor for this since its so small and does the good deed of pollenating flowers while going about its business. Eventually the plant fruits or seeds as a result and the cycle continues. Its taking the "Pay-It-Forward" concept and visualizing it.

Here is the logo as it stands now. I mocked this up to see what it might look like on a black t-shirt with only four colors. Notice the bees wings are actually the infinity symbol.

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