Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rut

We got Pizza for dinner tonight, since I am going on a diet tomorrow and this would be my last hurrah in the land of sweets and fats (parting IS sweet sorrow).

We got a pizza from Pizza Hut, or as its known now, "The Hut". Pizza Hut has been trying to get away from being just pizza and move into the more lucrative pasta market lately. Problem is that they are still known for their pizza and its their calling card, so they need to keep their focus on still serving decent pizza if they want to fund these efforts.

We opened our pizza box to find that they had not placed that little plastic thingy in the middle. The result being the cheese, piping hot and very sticky, adhered to the top of the box and not the pizza, leaving us with a box of pizza with cheese and a pizza without cheese. I scraped off the cheese, but it made a bad impression as far as the Hut, er, "The Rut", as I call it now.

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