Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Visit to Cox Farms

As a new tradition, we take a half day on a Friday in October and visit Cox Farms, out in Centreville and spend a few hours celebrating the Fall Festival.

We usually get our pumpkin there and pick up some apples as well. But the "funnest" part is the slides, rides and animals. They have Goats, Calfs, Chickens, Cows and great people-watching. The goats are fun because they are really interactive since you have some food and they are really into food. Any kind, they will eat it. One of them jumped up on me like a dog with its front feet up on my chest/stomach.

We also fed some calfs that were in a pen. They were very tame and not too skittish, so if you wanted to pet them, they would let you.

There was the Cornundrum, which is a maze cut through high stalks of corn and had fun diversions and surprises. The Hay Ride was fun as well, even though it was the exact same as the year before, but there is fun in that.

We stopped for a few minutes and had a huge cupcake and a soda before we tackled some of the larger slides. Jack loved those and went on nearly all of them at least once. He did this thing where he would go down sitting, but then turn and slide on his tummy a third of the way down.

I let him sit on my lap for the larger slide and I am glad I did, it was fast and steep. That first drop we accelerated fast, so much that it took my breath away for a second. I heard him let out a little squeal, but then he was fine the rest of the way.

It was a good time and a great way to spend a half a Friday. The weather held out perfectly, too. It started to rain as soon as we got to the car - perfect.

Lots of Pumpkins - Lots.

One of the more easy-going goats in the petting pen.

Jack walking just before he spotted the Big Slide.

One of the wooden trains around the kids play area.

Smilin' Jack G.

The Hay Ride.

One of the fun mirrors in Cornundrum -

Getting lost in Cornundrum.

The BIG slide.

The castle at the top of the hill, one of the medium-sized slides.

One of the calfs we got to feed and pet.

Looks like he's over three feet tall now...

But still a little man.

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