Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tongue -Tied

We went to the Fall Festival in Fairfax City last week and walked around a lot to see the different vendors. Popped in to see Kristin at her t-shirt tent and got something for my Dad that I can give him at Thanksgiving.

We stopped to eat some really good, but really bad-for-you, festival food. You know, the elephant ears, french fries, gyros and soft-serve ice cream. Soft-serve ice creaaammmm...

While we were sitting and noshing our food, I look over and see this dog, a boxer that was alert and guarding its owner as they ate. The dog caught my eye because of the enormous tongue that protruded from its mouth. Maybe he just had a small mouth? Naww.

Take a look at this fuzzy guy, he was adorable.

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