Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crafty Kid

I picked Jack up from daycare on Friday and found that they had made pasta necklaces as a craft. He made it for mommy, thank god, I just couldn't pull the look off. I told him to say "I made this for you, Momm, I love You.", we rehearsed on the way home and when I we get home and we show Mommy the necklace, I prompt him and he says, "Thank you."

Its good to know I can't feed him lines, it would get real dumb , real quick. I would have him regurgitating every stupid movie line I ever thought was funny and would make him learn them and say them on command.

Right now he does actually relay some movie lines but from the "Cars" movie. He just says stuff like "Low and Slow", "Speed, I am Speed" and "Yo Yo, Check it out, we got ourselves a nodder."

Kate thinks its something in male DNA that makes us relay lines from movies. I agree.

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