Monday, October 5, 2009

Interesting Conversation

Jack and I went out last week to Micro Center so I could get a new laptop bag and he sometimes brings a toy to make the trip more interesting. This time he brought a race car with the number 88 on it. I asked him about the car, if it was "Chick Hicks", a character from the movie Cars. He said it was 88, so I ask him if it was Chick Hernandez, a local sports reporter, he said no, I ask if it was Chick Fil-A, and he said no to that too. I like to play word games with him sometimes.

He says that he "held a chick at school, a little baby chick". He then says "it was black, a little baby black chick. Dad, do you like black chicks?"

The question halted me for a second and I assured him that I like black chicks.

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