Wednesday, October 21, 2009

iTunes Library Updated

I spent nearly the whole weekend sorting out my iTunes library. Since I got my new laptop, I have transferred all of my old files over and updated all the software as well. Everything went well, or so I thought.

I played a few songs when we were all outside sitting next to the fire pit and the software kept stopping. It was running into doubles of the songs, one of which would play and the other had a broken link. The broken link would stop the songs from playing.

So I went through the entire library, 5 days worth of songs and got rid of all the duplicates with broken links, updated the missing songs, of which there were plenty and then tried to figure out why it didn't import some of the album artwork.

I am disappointed in Apple's "Migration Assistant", which had some holes in what it decided to bring over, namely the MP3s that were left out of my iTunes database. I even paid $29.95 for a special firewire cable that would transfer the files faster than using the network option. I had to eventually move the files over by moving them onto an external hard drive and then taking the files back off of that external hard drive and onto my laptop, not the best way to transfer files.

I am still having trouble getting the hard drive to recognize some other MP3s that for some reason, will copy onto the external HD , but when that same external HD mounted onto my laptop, the files do not show up. They are all Lynyrd Skynyrd MP3s. The Beatles I could understand, but Skynyrd?

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