Monday, October 5, 2009

The Flu

I awoke Friday morning with a sore throat, after I got up it was just sinus pain. After a few hours at work, I took some Advil and it helped a lot, really relieved the pressure. Made it through the day and had a decent evening. Even sat out and had a pit fire in the back yard.

I awoke sometime in the night shaking and trying to keep warm. Kate got me some more Advil and I did better, but my sinuses and throat were on fire. Awoke really early with the same symptoms and took more Advil and again the symptoms went away for awhile.

Kate let me sleep in and I felt pretty good, the Fall Festival was at the Gubamint Center that day so we decided to go. There is always good food there and plenty of stuff to do. The Dayquil kicked in and I lasted a few hours, but faded after holding Jack up to see the model trains for a few minutes. Took it out of me, like I ran a marathon.

Went home and slept for three hours straight. Got up and took more Dayquil and the rest of the afternoon and evening I couldn't get warm, but was burning up. Finally broke a sweat and fever that night as I was trying to keep my mind off of the coughing and general misery. Took some Nyquil and went to bed upstairs so that Kate could get a good nights sleep too. Sunday was better but then it was coughing up stuff, lots of stuff, but the shakes and temperature were not around. Didn't have any energy and slept a lot. Watched the Skins (yeah, we won!) game and slept more.

I decided to take Monday off cause I awoke with congestion and still didn't have my strength back fully. Feel better tonight, so tomorrow I will go in, unless this thing has another round I don't know about.

If this thing was Swine Flu, I would say it was much more abbreviated than the last time I had the flu, which was only a few years ago, so this one was short but intense. Just glad to be feeling better and feeling normal again.

Jack has had the sniffles all this week, but we have had a change in the weather, the first cold snap. That usually means he is constantly walking around with a runny nose for a week. Kate hasn't had any symptoms either, except for a headache. But that could have been from my constant whining all weekend long. :)

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