Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miscellaneous Aquarium Stuff

This Bald Eagle was downstairs, next to the penguins. I think it was being rehabilitated. Eagles don't show a whole lot of emotion, so if you look at them for a second or for hours, its pretty much the same expression. Take a picture and move on.

Being entertained by the penguins.

On the top of the Aquarium, there is an outdoor habitat that houses several birds, turtles and fish. You can walk through and see some really neat stuff and enjoy the outdoors, but still under a roof.

A huge tank of fish, that all swam counter-clockwise, every once in a while, you would see a "rebel" swimming the other way. Way to fight the man, Rebel-fish!

Here is the Cooper River Bridge, in Charleston. It was such a nice day when we got to the Aquarium and they had a great view out back.

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