Sunday, September 20, 2009

Do I Post This?

I put a filter on my blog so when someone sends in a comment, I have to approve it before its posted. I got three email alerts last week where someone commented on a post I created in February of 2008 Subway (Link Here).

The comments were from someone who obviously has had a LOT of experience with Subway restaurants, probably running one, but his experience were not so good. The thing that keeps me from hitting the publish button is the obvious rant-like quality of the comments.

If I post this stuff, it makes me look like I have endorsed these ranting, xenophobic views this guys holds. On the other hand, everyone IS entitled to their opinion, even if I don't endorse or believe everything this person says.

Here's how the first post starts off:
"Subway is dominated by Indian owners. Why would I bring that up? Because it's probably not well known, and if you're interested in owning a Subway, you better have a lot of cash, an inside track, and get along very well with Indians (East Indians, not American Indians). You might think that's racist, but it's not. It's the truth."
- Anonymous

I think the best way to tell someone you hold racist views is to predicate your statement with "...this may sound racist..., may think that's racist...".

Maybe I will publish them, maybe I won't. Tell me if I should.


witch said...

I wouldn't publish anyone who is too ashamed of what they have to say to leave their name.

S. L. said...

I vote no, don't publish. You gave the person a hearing in quoting some of their rant.

Johnny said...

My Mom says no to this guy, especially since he didn't have the decency to stand behind his own words.

Thanks for all your input, I won't be publishing his rants.