Sunday, September 20, 2009

Abbie Comes to Visit

Last weekend (or was it the weekend before that?), Abbie and her brood came to visit. She had Ellie and Nate in tow. Ellie is as cute as can be and Nate follows her around like the good little brother he is supposed to be.

We did little things, like hang out in the back yard and visited with Tim and Karen on Labor Day. The next door neighbors came over (Olie) and we were flush with rugrats. Jack, who I do not think of as big, was the biggest one.

Ellie swimming at Tim and Karens

Jack and Ellie (I still can't get over that she is older than he is.

Jack and Ellie playing together at the sandbox

Olie playing in the sandbox

Nate with a mosquito bite on his head

All the kids have real sweet skin, which means the mosquitos love them. When they get bit, they have these ugly little welts that pop up for an hour or so and look painful. Ouch.

The fourth kid wouldn't fit in the chair

Ellie pushing Olie around

All four kids together, watching a movie.

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