Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Downtown Charleston

I like Charleston, its an old city with lots of charm. The buildings have all been there for 200 years, a lot like Old Town Alexandria.

When we parked, I got out and saw a big oval sign with "TMP" on it. As I walked closer, I recognized that it was for Trademark Properties. This is a show on TLC that Kate and I watched about a guy that buys dilapidated buildings, fixes them up and flips them. The show used to be called the Real Deal, but Donald Trump sued the show over the name so they changed it to something else. (More on this later)

Kathleen took a few pictures of us at this beautiful fountain across the street, it had some of the most beautiful plants, including a habiscus that had flowered.

Here are the plants by the fountain. I wish I could grow stuff as lush as this.

A picture of a perfect Habiscus bloom. (I think I just lost some major "man"-points fawning over a flower, but I see now why O'Keefe spent so many years painting these)

We walked down to the battery, which had an overlook out to the water and some swings. Before we got there, we stopped and got some italian ice. This stuff is awesome, perfect for a hot day when you need something sweet to cool you off.

Jack and me swinging and eating italian ice. The perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.

Kathleen, Jack and Kate swinging.

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