Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Stupid Are People?

I came across this little gem a week ago. It originated from the Vienna, Virginia Police Report, which reports all the significant police events that occur during the week. This one entry caught my eye:

Police solve perplexing dilemma in Vienna
A woman called Vienna Police to inquire about some “mysterious stickers” she had received in the mail for her Virginia license plates. The woman said she had paid the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to renew her tags which expire in 2009, for two years. She went on to say that inside the envelope returned from the DMV were two odd-looking equal signs. She told police she wondered what she was supposed to do with them.
The dispatcher replied that she should rotate the equal signs 90 degrees and see that they were in fact 2011 “11” stickers.


LitLinx said...

Oh no! That poor woman. Could I do something like that? I would hope not, but I'm not sure :). At first I thought you were talking about those small rectangle stickers I now am seeing on some cars -- black with two blue stripes looking like a big equal sign. Wonder what those are. Maybe I don't want to know!

Johnny said...

I've seen the dark blue with yellow equal signs for same-sex couples, but not the black and blue ones. Doesn't sound like a good color combination, graphically speaking.