Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Beach

We went to Folly Beach on Tuesday, the weather was nice and the sun didn't beat down too much. The wind was whipped up and because of Tropical Storm Bill, the beach had washed away, so there wasn't a whole lot of beach left, maybe 35 feet.

This was too close to the ocean for Jack, so he was a little freaked out by the waves and the sounds of the pounding surf. We only spent an hour or so there, but enough time to make a sand castle (and wreck it) and look for some seas shells.

Kathleen checked the web site for Folly Beach and they didn't mention a thing about the snack bar and umbrella rentals not being open, so that was a bummer, cause it was hot after a few minutes and you can't hide from the sun.

It was nice to see the ocean and feel the warm ocean water run over my toes.

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