Saturday, July 12, 2008

Velcro (Complicated or Not?)

So Kate and I went to the Library (or as some people refer to it, the liberry) today to get Kate and Jack a library card. It was interesting to see some of my materials and publications in the actual Library branch.

As we were walking in there was a display set up for the kids that finished the Summer Reading Program. Each child that reads 10 books over the Summer gets a coupon booklet and they also got to sign their name to a piece of paper shaped like a Duck (The Library branch mascot) and place it on the display.

To back up a bit, I noted this display because earlier in the week I got an email from one of the staff that asked if I could recommend some different way to secure the paper ducks to the display. I said that velcro is what we have used, but they said that their velcro was not working, some of the ducks just refused to stick and would fall off of the display at the slightest disturbance.

I sent them some new velcro and asked them to double the amount they put on the back of the ducks.

So today when I passed by the display, I noted that one of the ducks had come loose and fallen to the floor. I picked it up, the back had two small strips of velcro on the back. Unfortunately, the velcro was the positive side. So they were putting positive velcro to positive velcro and expecting it to stay put.

If you don't know how velcro works, this doesn't make any sense. But to me it was just something I took as a given, that people would know how velcro works and apply it correctly.

How many of you guys know how velcro works? I am interested to hear if I just took this piece of info about velcro as a given or if the staff is dense.


MommaBlog said...

staff may be a bit dense cant see a way around this one.

enjoying you blog bro

Anonymous said...

Do they perhaps hire many 'special needs' people? I would make a mental note to refrain from ever making suggestions that would involve any sharp objects (scissors, staples, paperclips, etc). Thank goodness they didn't try thumbtacks!! I can only imagine the carnage.

Johnny said...

They have very smart people that work there, I just think there was probably one or two people that are a little dense and couldn't get their mind around this concept. Its frustrating, because these people have Master Degrees.

I think they are just one-dimensional, ya know the type, they can fix a car but not really run their own life or are brilliant at business, but couldn't screw in a light bulb.