Thursday, July 10, 2008


I never write about political stuff, but on this, I just had to write something.

I am disappointed to find that HR 6304 passed through the Senate and the President signed it today.

I have always voted, but never actually called my Congressman or Senator to let them know how to vote on a bill. On this one, I did. I called my Senator, Jim Webb (a newly-elected Democrat) the other day to voice my opposition to HR 6304, the renewal of the FISA Bill originally passed in 1978 that granted powers to run wiretaps on US citizens who get or call Internationally.

The part of the bill that really bothers me is a provision that grants immunity from any kind of prosecution to the Telco head honchos. That means that the people and organizations that wanted to sue the telephone companies won't get their day in court. They are quite literally, denied justice.

President Bush has asserted all along that the Telocos did nothing wrong, but refused to give-in and remove that provision, in fact he fought very hard to keep it in the original language of the bill, never seeing the irony that they wouldn't need immunity if they did nothing wrong.

The kicker to this whole deal is that Barack Obama and my own Senator, Jim Webb voted for the bill.

Jim Webb ran on being a new kind of democrat that would counter the Bush agenda, checks and balances. Seems like he isn't that much different than the other 47 Republican Senators that also voted for the bill. I didn't expect him to support the bill, but seeing as Verizon is in his district, he may have been swayed by other forces.

As for Barack Obama, he called the bill flawed and imperfect, but voted for it anyway. John McCain was one of only three Senators that did not vote on the bill and Hillary Clinton voted against it.

So in November, what am I getting when when voting for you, Senator Obama? A spineless Democrat that doesn't want to appear weak on issues of national security? That's not change.

Even McCain had the decency to not show up and vote.

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Kathleen said...

Not only that but in most cases they can spy on you without any court order. Be sure to make some calls and say lots of ugly things about the government. Joe McCarthy lives (even the devil won't take him)

MommaBlog said...

I say good for you for calling.

Johnny Vote every incumbant OUT!!!That's my plan. If you are in office I am voting your butt out! That would be a change.