Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My "How To Draw" Program

I present a drawing program at the library every few months that is called "Doodles & More" for kids to get them interested in drawing by doodling a little and teaching them how easy and approachable it is to draw.

It doesn't require an internet connection, electricity, TV or software, just a pencil and paper and their imagination and it can be done almost anywhere, even a car.

Since its Summer, I have signed up to do three of these programs. The first program drew thirty kids and there were 80 turn-aways. The next week, I will present my second program of the Summer and update how many kids showed up.

Here are a couple of the examples of the animals that I teach the kids how to draw: A Crab, A Shark and a Whale.


knowseek said...

That's pretty neat Johnny - I just drew a shark from your diagram...sweet :)

Johnny said...

Thanks, J. I will post some more sometime soon, I need to come up with some fresh ones for future classes.