Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Hill Billy Soap Opera

I walked out to retrieve my trash can earlier this week when my neighbor across the street, a dude named "Rick", was just leaving. He is, in every sense of the word, a "Dude." He pulled over to my side of the road and gave me the latest news in the hood.

Apparently one of our neighbors doesn't live in his own house anymore, he decided to leave cause his wife got a boyfriend - that tends to put a strain on a marriage. The new fella is a friend of the new next door neighbors and they all like to "Whup it up", which is Hill Billy for drinking.

I don't like those new neighbors that moved in recently, they have about six cars which are all 4X4s and sit up high like Monster trucks. They rumble up and down the street which sounds like a NASCAR race. I don't trust these guys cause they are always out front just waiting around in the street. Even when its raining, I have driven by and there was three of them out standing in the light rain talking. Mind you, they have a covered front porch a few feet away.

Anyway, one of these FOHB (Friend of the Hill Billies) has taken up with the lady down the street. She is a regular as far as the city police are concerned, since she tends to get a little rowdy with her kids and regularly "Falls" on them during arguments. Never a punch thrown, but a lot of falling going on, this may be a side effect of the drinking. (The arguments and the falling)

If I get any more updates or developments, I will try to report back here the latest on the Hill-Billy Soap Opera.

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