Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Thats not a Pug!

So its very cold as of late, down to the twenties and low thirties the last few days (yesterday was the coldest morning in ten years).

I didn't have a decent hat to keep me warm, so I stopped by the 7-11 the other morning and picked a stocking cap up. I got it home and cut off the tag and noticed something peculiar.

The company that makes the cap is called "Pug-Gear", but the dog that serves as their logo is a bulldog, not a pug dog as you would think.

The tag says on the back that this product is made of the finest quality and the highest standards, no detail is overlooked. Except, of course for the fact that they missed the tiny detail that the dog that represents their company and embodies their products is actually incorrect.

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Snowelf said...

rofl!! That's funny!! :)