Sunday, February 25, 2007

Another Snow

So those dufi (multiple dufuses) weathermen didn't make the right call earlier this week when they said Sunday would be an ice storm. It was nothing but snow, now about 5 or six inches as of the afternoon. So earlier in the day we took Jack out after bundling him up real good. He has never been out in the snow, so it was a momentous occasion.
He liked it and looked up a few times and caught a few flakes on his face, which puzzled and amused him. The flakes were nice and fluffy, so when one fell on my finger, I put it up to his face and he ate it, then made a funny look, cause he isn't familiar with cold stuff.
Kate joined us and we got a few pictures.

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Snowelf said...

Oh I totally have to incorporate dufi into my vocabulary!

Woobie refuses to walk in the snow--he cries and wants me to pick him up. And when he was little he wouldn't step on the grass with bare feet. Too funny!