Sunday, February 25, 2007

Making a Good Impression

I went to the dentist again early this week, the third time in as many weeks and it looks like I will go back for a fourth time if I am lucky. The problem started when I went for a regular checkup and I asked to have one of my molars checked because it was a little tender on a few occasions when I would bite wrong.

It turned out to be a slight crack in the tooth and that I would need a crown eventually. So I made an appointment to make an impression. The initial impression was not good, so we made another. The anesthetic was wearing off, sowe made another appointment the next week and made a new impression during that appointment. They sent that one off to the lab to have the permanent crown of gold made from that.

I had the appointment on Wednesday afternoon to have that crown finally put in and of course it didn't fit perfectly, so we made another impression. The worst part was that I had to pick Jack up across town, so when he made the impression, I did it without anesthetic. Only hurt a little.

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