Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fool Me Once...

So I got this envelope in the mail yesterday. It was from Capital One, the credit card people, so I almost threw it away, but the envelope was a little thick, like it had something in it. So, I opened it up and besides the requesite application form, mail-back envelope and disclosure information, was a bubblewrap sheet the same size as the envelope.

This little sheet was put in the envelope to give it some weight, and to fool people like me into opening the envelope. Well, it worked on me, but it got me thinking about the purpose of the exercise.

The idea was to get me to open up the envelope, which worked, but the next step is so much more tricky. To fool me again into filling out the application and sending it back.

That may take a little more bubblewrap - cause I love to make those bubbles pop.

1 comment:

Snowelf said...

Capital One is evil. Truly evil. ;)